When in doubt, hit the market

Before getting into this blog, I should take a moment and apologize for the lack of blogs over the past few weeks.  It’s just been difficult to find the time to sit and write.  Over the past few weeks I’ve had a surprise visit from cousins, started teaching at another school, met some really fun people at a social meet-up and planned a trip to the south of Italy to visit my family (where I’m currently writing this blog from).  It’s been a whirlwind of events, family and new friends in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not to mention the weather has been pretty amazing, so I’m practically never inside.  Anyway, sorry about that..missed you all 😉

And now back to the regularly scheduled blog…

The Mercato Centrale in Firenze is a feast for all the senses.  Located at the Piazza del Mercato Centrale dell’Ariento, this glass and iron clad building houses some of the best produce, meat, fish and everything in between.  Those who are familiar and love the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, prepare to have your mind blown by this locale.  The bottom floor of this market is home to vendors selling the most beautiful fruit and veggies you will ever see.  Remember that picture of me holding that huge bunch of rapini…guess where I got it from.


In addition to the fruit and veggie vendors, the meat and fish counters are out of this world.  (Warning to my vegetarian/vegan readers, there are photos of raw meat/poultry coming up)

You may think that a market this size (especially with fish vendors) would not be the most pleasing to the smell receptors, but you’ll have to take my word on the matter when I say that this place smells great.  Yes, even the fish and meat counters.  Honestly, it smells like a day at the ocean.  Think salt-water breeze.  No strong fishy smell.  The meat, same deal.  Gorgeous cuts of marbled meat, chicken and preserved meats, all ready for you to buy, take home and enjoy.

This is also the place to go if you need fresh olive oil, cheeses, spices, teas, coffee, flowers, pasta, chocolate, bread, wine and all the desserts you could ever want.  I honestly make a point of walking through the market each weekend (info/hours of operation: Mercato Centrale Firenze) and take in all the sights, sounds and smells.  I only buy my fruits and veggies here at the market.  I’ve yet to indulge in the meats and fish, but I’ve got a year here right?

On the upper floor, you’ll find a cooking school and a huge food court.  Here you can sample traditional Tuscan food, treats and of course wine.  The upper floor of the Mercato Central is deserving of a blog of it’s own, so more on that soon, stay tuned.

If you find yourself in Florence, be sure to plan a visit to this incredible market.  You won’t be disappointed.

Until the next blog, baci sempre.


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